As an Erasmus student in Timișoara, depending on the university where you will study in, you may receive a room in one of the students’ dormitories.

The West University of Timișoara and Politehnica University Timișoara offer their Erasmus students the possibility of living in their dormitories. The West University of Timișoara dormitory for Erasmus students is Căminul 13 and for Erasmus students at “Politehnica” University of Timișoara is Căminul 11. University of Agricultural Science and Veterinary Medicine also offers places in their dorms, but they are in a different campus from the others.

The students’ dormitories are situated in the university campus (complex), a very vivid area of the town, full of students, bars, pubs and affordable places to eat, nearby the main buildings of The West University of Timișoara and Politehnica University Timișoara.

A dormitory room includes two single beds, internet connection and they all imply the use of a shared bathroom and of a common kitchen/floor. The conditions are basic ones, but the price of the room/month is around 25 euros at the West University of Timișoara's dormitory, and around 30 euros at "Politehnica" University of Timișoara's dormitory.  Living in a dorm is probably the best choice you could make if you want to live in the middle of the Erasmus community and experience the real student life.


Another option is to rent a flat in the city. This option is more expensive, the average price for a two rooms apartment is around 150-250 euro /month, but this depends according to the location (more central = more expensive). It is possible to rent an apartment together with other Erasmus students, so you can share the costs. Apart from rent, you'll also have to pay for monthly expenses such as electricity, water or heating.  So, if you want to rent a flat in Timișoara, get in touch with a real estate agency or contact directly the people who rent rooms on real estate websites. Some of them are:

Publi24, Imobiliare, Homezz, OLX, Storia, Romimo.

ESN Timișoara has NO implication in your accommodation and we can only provide you information and advice. It is your duty to check the available spots and application methods with your host university or sign the contract by your own, if you choose private accommodation.​