If you don’t like to cook or just don’t have time for it, don’t worry. In Timișoara there are dozens of restaurants, pizzerias and pubs that offer various menus from all around the world at good prices. The most common choice for people that eat everyday outside is Daily Menu (Meniul Zilei) where you can get soup, main dish, side dish and optional salad, bread, dessert or beverage, depending on the place’s policy, at prices of 13-17lei in the Complex and upt to 24 lei in the mall or center. Most of the places also offer food delivery, without charging it.

You can find lists of restaurants, pubs and pizzerias on some dedicated websites like:



They are not having English version, but you can use translator to find phone numbers, addresses or websites.

Shawarma/Kebab places are a good option when you need a snack late in the night (or early in the morning) and the price is low: 6-9 lei for small ones and 9-12 lei for big ones. You can find them in the Student’s complex, city center or just around the corner of your flat.