University code: ​RO TIMISOA03

University Survival Guide


University of Agricultural Science and Veterinary Medicine of Timișoara celebrated 72 years since its establishment. Due to the changes in the agricultural system, the university had to adapt itself during the years, passing through different stages, from being just a faculty in the Politehnica University to gaining its independence during 1962-1976. The campus has educational facilities, laboratories for scientific research, utilities for microproduction, dorms, cafeteria and sports fields.


International Relations Office​

The mission of the Department of International Relations is to promote the relations and the image of the university through cooperation with the universities from abroad. Their objectives are to create external collaborations, to bind to mobility programmes for students and to keep international students informed.

Academic Calendar 2019/2020

First Semester

1st of October 2019

Beginning of lectures

23rd of December- 12th of January

Christmas Holiday

13th of January - 26th of January


27th of January - 16th of February

First period of exams – AI



17th of February - 23rd of February

Second period of exams - AII

Second Semester

24th of February

Beginning of lectures

7th of April - 15th of April

Easter Holiday

16th of April - 8th of June


8th of June – 28th of June

First period of exams - BI

29h of June - 26th of July


7rd of September – 20th of September

Both semesters exam period C