Erasmus+ Promoters (Promotori Erasmus+) is a national project implemented by the National Agency of Romania (ANPCDEFP) in collaboration with Erasmus Student Network Romania. The project aims to promote Erasmus+ study and placement mobility among the university and high school students in our country and also to raise the number of the students participating in exchange mobility.

How does it work?

Every year, two volunteers from each ESN section of ESN Romania are elected to participate in a training in Bucharest organized by the National Agency. All promoters are former Erasmus+ students which qualify them as the best to transmit the benefits and opportunities of the program. They are learning how to promote and hold presentations about Erasmus+ mobility, but also improving their public speaking and communication skills. Moreover, a substantial support comes from the International Relations Office of the universities participating in the project.

At the national level, there is a national coordinator of Erasmus+ Promoters who is an ESN member and whose main aim is to supervise and facilitate the development of the entire project. He/she also offers support to promoters and informs the National Agency about the progress of the project.

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Which are the university centers of the Erasmus+ Promoters?

Well, the students come from the biggest university centers in Romania: Alba-Iulia, Bucharest, Brasov, Cluj-Napoca, Craiova, Constanta, Iasi, Sibiu and Timisoara. Starting on this year, Bacau is the new ESN Section ready to join this project.

Where and when is the Erasmus+ mobility promoted?

The promoters are going to hold presentations in the university centers they come from and in other higher education institutions close to their home universities or in neighbor cities. This intensive promotion is mainly done in February and March due to the fact that the registration to the Erasmus+ program takes places during the whole month of March. The exact date of the registration depends from each university.

ESN Timisoara’s Promoters

This year, ESN Timisoara has got two young and motivated Erasmus+ students that just came back from a study mobility and are ready to share their great experiences and benefits of the Erasmus+ program. You will meet Robert Giukin and Valentin Calfa in high schools and universities in Timisoara and Resita. They are here to answer all your questions related to the Erasmus+ study and placement mobility and show you a bit of what Erasmus experience meant for them.

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