City’s public transportation is called RATT. It has 22 bus lines, 8 trolleybus lines and 10 tram lines. Ticket prices varies on the type of transport you choose: 2.5lei for Express lines (E), 3lei for Metropolitan lines (M) and 2lei for all others. With ISIC or Omnipass  student card a general pass will cost you 46,5 lei (around 10€).

Find more information on It has English version only for some parts of the website, like ticketing. Timetables, maps and real time traffic are available on main page.

Check the traffic apps:​ Transport Public and Info Traffic


  • Taxi AutoGenn (+40) 256 988
  • Taxi Tudo (+40) 256 945
  • Taxi Fan (+40) 256 944
  • Taxi Radio (+40) 256 940
  • Taxi Euro(+40) 256 941

Note: Watch out for overpriced taxis! Some taxis try to rip-off foreigners. Ignore taxi drivers that approach you and don’t get in such a taxi. Be safe and call for a cab.